Applicaa’s Big Breakfast: sharing strategies and tips to help make your school and 6th Form stand out from the Crowd!

Roll up, roll up the School Admissions, Marketing and Post 16 Teams! If you’re Head of Marketing, Admissions and/or involved in the 6th Form this one is for you! We’re super excited to invite you to Applicaa’s Big Breakfast: Strategies to Grow your 6th Form, on Thursday 27th June. We’ve got an action-packed morning, filled with super helpful sessions from leading […]

Save your school £21,000 over 3 years

It may come as a surprise that your school’s admissions process could be the key to both generating and saving your school a significant amount money! “Time is money”We all know this age old-truth, and with school budgets being so tight, every minute counts! By being both one of the most important and labour-intensive processes in a school, making […]

Size doesn’t matter…

We speak with a lot of Heads of 6th Form, 6th Form Managers and 6th Form Administrators. We ask them: ‘Are you looking to bring your 6th Form Admissions online this year?’, and they say things like: ‘We’d love to, but we’re only a small 6th Form’. Or they say, ‘90% of our students come […]