Save your school £21,000 over 3 years

Picture showing teachers celebrating because of the money they have saved on admissions

It may come as a surprise that your school’s admissions process could be the key to both generating and saving your school a significant amount money!

“Time is money”
We all know this age old-truth, and with school budgets being so tight, every minute counts!

By being both one of the most important and labour-intensive processes in a school, making admissions more efficient can bring incredible benefits.

Admissions+ can help your school save £21,000 over 3 years!

By helping you automate key tasks as shown above. Admissions+ will help you process each application form start to finish in approximately 13 minutes. This is 10X faster than paper applications (105 minutes) and 6X faster than generic online data entry forms (80 minutes).

Graph showing the time saved using Admissions+ compared to Google Forms and Paper Applications

Yes, paper applications and generic online forms have a low or zero initial cost. But when you look closer, over the course of the year the extra time spent processing applications results in considerably higher costs.

Asumptions: Admission Officer salary is £50,000 (includes NI contributions, pension, premises, legal). Processing 300 applications will save £6-7000.00 pa.

Revenue Gains

In addition, Admissions+ will position your 6th Form well to receive more applications and enrol more students in August. Indeed, last year Hatch End High School reported an increase of 40% of external applications from outside the borough, and Beths Grammar reported that they enrolled an additional 70 students in August 2018 (20% increase). 

By a large margin or a less big one, Admissions+ will contribute to the health of your of 6th Form.

Give us a shout to see how we can help you save money through your 6th Form Admissions!

How many applications do you receive a year? How long does the process take for each application? How much money could you be saving a year?

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